i. We, paremiologists, phraseologists and related professionals and scholars who have a keen interest in the study of African paremiology and phraseology, having agreed to come together, have solemnly declared our intentions to form a Society to be known as the AFRICAN PROVERBS AND PHRASEOLOGY SOCIETY (AFRICAPPS).

ii. Now therefore, in pursuance of our objectives, we do hereby solemnly and faithfully give unto ourselves this Constitution.




The objects of the Society shall comprise the following:

i. To organise regular conferences on a rotational basis in different countries within Africa as academic forums for the convergence of African paremiologists and phraseologists worldwide to promote global understanding.

ii. To initiate research themes or topics around which scholars of African proverbs and phraseological units can engage.

iii. To promote African languages and cultures.

iv. To provide funding support to African paremiologists and phraseologists for research and academic travel.

v. To institute incentives such as the Best Doctoral Thesis Award for postgraduate research in paremiology and phraseology.

vi. To create outlets for the dissemination of products of relevant paremiological and phraseological research through various kinds of academic publications.

vii. To create and maintain a library and archive of paremiological and phraseological materials of significance to Africa.

viii. To admit and keep admitting other members as deemed necessary for the purposes or objects of the Society.

ix. To carry on such other objects which may seem to the Officers of the Society or members capable of being conveniently or profitably carried on in connection with the purposes or objects of the society, or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value or render more productive or profitable any of the objects of the society.

x. To do such other things which may seem to the Officers of the Society or members to be incidental or conducive, or reasonably required to the attainment of the objects of the society.


3.1 Categories of Membership

Members of the Society shall include the following:

3.1.1 Regular Members who shall be persons holding academic positions in institutions of higher learning, or persons of equivalent standing and who have been duly admitted into the Society.
3.1.2 Student Members who shall be (i) enrolled students of paremiology and phraseology, or of a cognate, connected discipline or field of study, and (ii) teaching/research assistants in any of these disciplines or fields of study.
3.1.3 Honorary Members who shall be such persons not falling within the categories stated in 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 above, and who have keen interest in or desire to support in viable ways the objects of this Society.
3.1.4 Institutional Members who shall be corporate entities with an interest in paremiology and phraseology.

3.2 Application Process for Membership

3.2.1 Persons interested in becoming members of the Society shall apply for membership by means of an application form or any such other process as may be prescribed by the Society as appropriate. An application shall be supported by at least one Regular Member of the Society.
3.2.2 The application will be considered by the Secretary in conjunction with the President on behalf of the Society and a decision made thereon accordingly.
3.2.3 The decision made will be communicated to the applicant.

3.3 Membership Dues

3.3.1 Membership dues shall be as fixed or determined by the Society from time to time.


4.1 The Society shall elect biennially a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and an Assistant Secretary. The elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the Society. All five officers shall be regular members of the Society. The officers should spread across the regions/institutions represented within the Society.
4.2 A person shall not occupy the same elective office for more than two consecutive terms. However, a person may seek to return to the same office after two years of leaving that office; a person may proceed from one office to another without observing the two year break.
4.3 There shall be at least one Executive Meeting each year.
4.4 A biennial General Meeting shall be held. Normally at this meeting, (i) papers shall be presented, (ii) the President, Treasurer and Secretary shall present reports, and (iii) fresh elections shall be held every two years.
4.5 The Executive Board may call an Emergency Meeting whenever the need arises.
4.6 A third of the number of Regular Members known to be in Nigeria at the time of a General/Emergency meeting shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.
4.7 Chapters of the Society in various institutions or regions may be set up (i.e., when this is considered necessary) to strengthen grass-roots participation.


5.1 The General Meeting will appoint an Electoral Officer to take charge of general as well as by-elections. The term of office of the Electoral Officer shall run concurrently with that of elected office-bearers. The Electoral Officer may be re-appointed to carry out this specific duty only.
5.2 The Electoral Officer shall call for nominations at least one month prior to the General Meeting at which elections shall be held.
5.3 A nominee must confirm interest in writing (electronic or hard copy) to the Electoral Officer at least five working days prior to the election day.
5.4 Only Regular Members may vote.
5.5 A person wins an election by securing a simple majority of the votes.


6.1 The President shall be the legal representative of the Society, preside at meetings, and have general oversight responsibility for the running of the Society.
6.2 The Vice-President shall assist the President in steering the affairs of the Society and shall deputise for the President when the President is absent.
6.3 The Secretary, under the authority of the President, shall implement the policies of the Society, conduct the correspondence, prepare documents, and see to the general administration of the Society.
6.4 The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the Secretary’s functions in the Society and shall deputise for the Secretary when the Secretary is absent.
6.5 The Treasurer, under the authority of the President, shall see to the financial and other resources of the Society and to the discharging of its financial obligations.


7.1 The resources of the Society shall be derived from the contributions of its members and any grants, donations or subventions accepted by the Society to be used in conformity with its aims as defined under Article 2.
7.2 Membership dues shall be set by the Executive body with the approval of a majority of members present at a biennial General Meeting.
7.3 In conformity with Article 6, the President and, under the President’s authority, the Secretary and Treasurer shall be empowered to administer the resources of the Society, and to enter into contracts related to the implementation and financing of projects approved by the Society.
7.4 The Society shall operate Bank Accounts and the signatories shall be the following Officers: The President, The Treasurer, and The Secretary/Assistant Secretary. All of the three, or at least two of the above-mentioned Officers, out of which the President shall be a mandatory signatory, shall sign.
7.5 An auditor shall be contracted periodically to audit the Society’s financial transactions.


8.1 A proposal to amend the constitution shall be considered valid if a member submits the proposal in writing (either electronically or in hard copy) to all members, indicating the approval of at least ten members.
8.2 The constitution may be amended if the proposal secures the approval of at least two-thirds majority of the members present at the Association’s General meeting.


This Constitution shall become effective and operative from the 29th day of July 2017.