Established in 2017 and based in Nigeria, the African Proverbs and Phraseology Society (AFRICAPPS) is a not-for-profit association of scholars worldwide who have an interest in the study of proverbs, idioms and related expressions with the aim of advancing Africa-oriented scholarship and promoting global understanding.

The principal objectives of the Society include:

a. To organise regular conferences on a rotational basis in different countries within Africa as academic forums for the convergence of scholars interested in African paremiology and phraseology.

b. To initiate research themes and/or topics around which scholars of African proverbs and phraseological units can engage.

c. To promote African languages and cultures.

d. To provide funding support to African paremiologists and phraseologists for research and academic travel.

e. To institute incentives such as the Best Doctoral Thesis Award for postgraduate research in paremiology and phraseology.

f. To create outlets for the dissemination of products of relevant paremiological and phraseological research through various kinds of academic publications.

g. To establish and maintain a library and archive of paremiological and phraseological materials of significance to Africa.

h. To undertake any other activity capable of facilitating the realisation of the overall goals of the Society.

Considering the international spread of the Society, its official languages are English, French and Arabic, subject to review as circumstances dictate.